Why Would You Do That – The Playlist

If you love Why Would You Do That? but wish that after three episodes, we were doing more to expand our anti-lifestyle brand, you’re in luck!


Introducing the Why Would You Do That? playlist – featuring songs about depression, self-pity, discomfort in social situations, and occasional ambition and/or overblown confidence. You can listen/subscribe on Spotify here. I will probably continue to add to it since I prefer doing that over other things.

Though I am staunchly opposed to the idea of having a career, I think I’d be ok with it if my career were Personal Brand DJ. I could spend all day creating playlists for people to help them project a marketable version of themselves to the world. Well, maybe not marketable, exactly, but I can definitely help you create an identity through the music you listen to in lieu of a strong sense of self!

Anyway, since this is a music-y post,  here is a picture of me NOT PLAYING my ukulele.  I used to play ukulele (briefly in a twee folk band, and I can’t even tell you how sorry I am for that, world), but then I found out that Jessica is offended by anyone playing ukulele, so I don’t do it anymore.  I just hold my ukulele with a “hey, how did this get here?” face.


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