Special Report: Grocery Store Anxiety (ft. Ren Faire Anxiety & Craft Fair Anxiety)

If you love Why Would You Do That but find yourself thinking, “you know, Jessica and Tricia don’t spend enough time complaining and validating each other’s inability to adjust to the world they live in”  YOU’RE IN LUCK!  A couple short months ago, we decided to record an episode devoted entirely to our grocery store anxiety and, naturally, turned it into a situational anxiety free for all so we still have a lot of work to do in terms of getting GSD (Grocery Store Anxiety) to be recognized as an Actual Thing. A grant would really help us with that, gentle listeners. Additionally, if you happen to have been wondering what our opinion of The Office was but were afraid to ask us, you’re in luck there, too!


Anyway, here’s a mockup of the reusable and also disposable shopping bag that we talked about selling to correspond to the release of this Very Special Report, but even we’re not stupid enough to make merch for an unpopular podcast.  SCAN0020

This is art. In case you were wondering.

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