Why Would You Do That – The Playlist

If you love Why Would You Do That? but wish that after three episodes, we were doing more to expand our anti-lifestyle brand, you’re in luck!


Introducing the Why Would You Do That? playlist – featuring songs about depression, self-pity, discomfort in social situations, and occasional ambition and/or overblown confidence. You can listen/subscribe on Spotify here. I will probably continue to add to it since I prefer doing that over other things.

Though I am staunchly opposed to the idea of having a career, I think I’d be ok with it if my career were Personal Brand DJ. I could spend all day creating playlists for people to help them project a marketable version of themselves to the world. Well, maybe not marketable, exactly, but I can definitely help you create an identity through the music you listen to in lieu of a strong sense of self!

Anyway, since this is a music-y post,  here is a picture of me NOT PLAYING my ukulele.  I used to play ukulele (briefly in a twee folk band, and I can’t even tell you how sorry I am for that, world), but then I found out that Jessica is offended by anyone playing ukulele, so I don’t do it anymore.  I just hold my ukulele with a “hey, how did this get here?” face.


Episode Three

Episode Three: Make a Cost Effective Meal, Try a New Machine at the Gym, Reconnect With Someone From Your Past

So maybe it took us a while to put up this episode of the podcast, but c’mon, man…we were distracted by kittens!




In the third episode, we learn that Jessica lives in an (awesome!) alternate universe where Fresh Prince lasted the entire decade of the nineties (ushering us tenderly into the Willenium), Tricia realizes that everything in her life is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street, and you know that third goal about interacting with people besides each other? They totally nailed that one!




Additional Trivia

Unexplained sound effect of the week: kinda sounds like there are squirrels brushing their teeth in the background?
Snack Tricia was eating while creating this episode that is like 90% about how sodium kills: giant plate of nachos.
Best Instagram filter to use on your scar: Lingering Woe


Look at this adorable scar! Don’t you wish your scars were this cute?

Why Would You Vote That

Episode 3 should be up sometime soon but, in the meantime, since I know our listeners are soooo political and stuff I thought I’d provide a civil service on this our Election Day in the US. I have seen a lot of discussion in my Twitter feed about the lack of “I VOTED” stickers at some polling places. I personally don’t understand this concern, as I don’t particularly find those stickers to be incredibly attractive or interesting; however, I LOVE irrational complaints and so therefore I totally identify with this outrage regarding stickerlessness!


Don’t let THE MAN get you down this term. Print YOUR OWN “I Voted” sticker when your government inevitably fails you.



There, I fixed two potential problems for you today: 1) Having to wear a boring “I Voted” sticker, 2) Possibly not having an “I Voted” sticker at all.




You’re welcome, America!

Episode Two: Make an Interesting Drink, Get on a Sleep Schedule, Ask a Stranger a Question

ROAAAAAAD TRIIIIIIIP!  In this episode, Jessica and Tricia share Pinterest-worthy alcohol DIYs, have mixed results when trying to get on a sleep schedule while couch surfing, and attempt to feel comfortable with compliments as misanthropes.



Episode One: Eat a Surprising Food, Do a Cool Braid, Make a Friend

In the very first episode, Jessica and Tricia teach you that the way to get directions to a fast food establishments is by bothering your friends on Twitter, chat about cyclical hair texture, and (plot twist!) defend oversharing on the internet.




We also hope everyone enjoys all the FUN that comes with people just deciding that they’re going to do podcasts and not anticipating things like needing to turn on microphones, talking over each other, a nasty cough, and the sound of ice cubes swirling in Gin & Gatorade.  These problems will hopefully be fixed next time to make way for a whole new set!




Many photos were taken of this braid but only one survived. Verdict: this braid is not cool.


 When you think about it, not brushing your hair is just nature’s braid!


Wouldn’t you want to be friends with the person who uploaded this photo of goat cheese to the Craigslist personals?

Episode 2

Episode One