Episode Guide

Episode Three:  Make a Cost Effective Meal, Try a New Machine at the Gym, Reconnect With Someone From Your Past

In the third episode, we learn that Jessica lives in an (awesome!) alternate universe where Fresh Prince lasted the entire decade of the nineties (ushering us tenderly into the Willenium), Tricia realizes that everything in her life is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street, and you know that third goal about interacting with people besides each other? They totally nailed that one!


Episode Two: Make an Interesting Drink, Get on a Sleep Schedule, & Ask a Stranger a Question

ROAAAAAAD TRIIIIIIIP!  In this episode, Jessica and Tricia share Pinterest-worthy alcohol DIYs, have mixed results when trying to get on a sleep schedule while couch surfing, and attempt to feel comfortable with compliments as misanthropes.


Episode One: Eat a Surprising Food, Do a Cool Braid, & Make a Friend

In the very first episode, Jessica and Tricia teach you that the way to get directions to a fast food establishments is bothering your friends on Twitter, chat about cyclical hair texture, and (plot twist!) defend oversharing on the internet.