Episode Five: Teach Your Pet a New Trick, Organize Your Space, Influence Someone

I see no real purpose to acting like the fact that it now takes us about two months to put up a new episode should come as any surprise.


But just so you know, we totally meant to get one up like, a long time ago!


Here is a picture from when we tried to record this episode on Christmas Day:

It took us about five hours and we ultimately scrapped that entire recording session because there was no usable footage.  And then I went to LA to vacation in the void!!!!



The main purpose of me going to California was to feel utterly defeated by the passage of time, and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! For visualization, refer to this Before & After of 2006 Jessica at the Elliott Smith mural and 2013 Jessica at the Elliott Smith mural.





In the fifth episode. Tricia brags about how her cat is super obsessed with her, Jessica shares a guaranteed-to-make-you-millions investment opportunity you should hop on right now, and we discuss the pros and cons of people actually listening to the things we say.

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