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Episode 10: There Are No Goals

This episode of the podcast was recorded six months ago. Since then, Tricia’s moved across the country, Jessica’s adopted a new cat, and we’ve both gotten new jobs, but rest assured that our emotional maturity hasn’t advanced at all, so despite the dated references, it’s as if it were recorded yesterday!


We didn’t even pretend that we tried to accomplish goals this time, but we did talk about why we love TLC original programming so much & which Sister Wife we would trade lives with. Recorded on location in a Target parking lot.


Jessica's cat/bedding update

Jessica’s cat/bedding update



Episode Seven: Take Advice, Do Something You Should Have a Long Time Ago, Plan a Day

In the seventh episode, we teach you the secret to be a good listener, Jessica recounts her glory days as a child athlete, and Tricia gives you a taste of her soon-to-be-bestselling book, The Post Apocalyptic Diet.

Additionally, we are are pleased to be accompanied  this time around by ghost bongos. Please do not question the ghost bongos you hear in the background. They definitely have nothing to do with us poorly executing a new recording strategy.


A couple intern applications, because we believe in transparency:




How to have fun at a music festival:


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