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Why Would You Vote That

Episode 3 should be up sometime soon but, in the meantime, since I know our listeners are soooo political and stuff I thought I’d provide a civil service on this our Election Day in the US. I have seen a lot of discussion in my Twitter feed about the lack of “I VOTED” stickers at some polling places. I personally don’t understand this concern, as I don’t particularly find those stickers to be incredibly attractive or interesting; however, I LOVE irrational complaints and so therefore I totally identify with this outrage regarding stickerlessness!


Don’t let THE MAN get you down this term. Print YOUR OWN “I Voted” sticker when your government inevitably fails you.



There, I fixed two potential problems for you today: 1) Having to wear a boring “I Voted” sticker, 2) Possibly not having an “I Voted” sticker at all.




You’re welcome, America!