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Episode Seven: Take Advice, Do Something You Should Have a Long Time Ago, Plan a Day

In the seventh episode, we teach you the secret to be a good listener, Jessica recounts her glory days as a child athlete, and Tricia gives you a taste of her soon-to-be-bestselling book, The Post Apocalyptic Diet.

Additionally, we are are pleased to be accompanied  this time around by ghost bongos. Please do not question the ghost bongos you hear in the background. They definitely have nothing to do with us poorly executing a new recording strategy.


A couple intern applications, because we believe in transparency:




How to have fun at a music festival:


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Episode Six: Educate Yourself on an Important Subject, Express Yourself in a New Medium, Do Something You Used to Enjoy

Hey, so you can finally subscribe to our podcast!!! Whoaaa! Click here for iTunes, and hopefully it will be available on other platforms soon!!!

Or, like, if you’re a crazy tech wizard and you have other ideas for what to do with our podcast feed, have at it?  We want absolutely no ownership of our intellectual property and don’t care how it is used. Please, take it off our hands. Here’s the feed URL:

The fact that Jessica's cat resembles Winston Churchill is not covered in this episode, and we;re sorry about that.

The fact that Jessica’s cat resembles Winston Churchill is not covered in this episode, and we’re sorry about that.

In the sixth episode of Why Would You Do That?, we get you up to speed on the news from two months ago, Jessica fights for progress in her community via her gyms’ Facebook pages, and Tricia hints that you should tell her that she’s beautiful in spite of her adult acne next time you see her. Or just Tweet it at her.   Actually, wait, that sounds awful.  Just act like she doesn’t have a face. She’d like that a lot.