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Episode Four: Craft a Craft, Add a Step to Your Skincare Regimen, Do Something Nice for Someone

In the fourth episode, we reveal to you that the thing that’s bad about getting murdered is not actually the fact that you got murdered, confirm what you already knew deep in your heart: ┬áskincare routines (much like nutrition and public transit) are best left to guesswork, and prove (with the help of relatable real world examples like Netflix and more murder) the point that kindness is simply a matter of adjusting your level of cruelty.


I wasn’t sure what “relevant” photo to include, so here’s an Instagram of Jessica shoveling shit, which is about as relevant as anything gets.

P.S. I think my rap-rock timeline might be off by a few years, but I’m sure you’ll all forgive me for that because nothing in this world could matter less.