Apoopalypse Playlist

Was anyone else as excited as I was about the prospect of the world conveniently coming to an end? I don’t know anything about prophesies, and I never actually bothered researching this or any other apocalypse theory, but whenever I hear that the world might end I can’t help but get caught up in the spirit of end of times. I don’t actually change my routine in any way, but a part of me becomes giddy in anticipation of the validation of my meaningless existence that would come from a meaningless end to everything, simultaneously, in what I hope would be at least a colorful display.


While I am not as adept at playlist making as Tricia — who I recall recounting a story of successfully turning in mix-CDs for at least one high school assignment — I do have a Spotify Premium account and a job that allows me the freedom to listen to “grave wave” as much as I like.  Therefore, to celebrate the idea of the end of everything we know as reality, I decided to attempt to make a playlist to listen to while feeling screwed by yet another unfruitful destruction prophesy. You can listen to it here:


The Apoopalypse Playlist


Since Tricia showed off her rightfully abandoned ukelele, I will additionally include a SNEAK PEEK of the future cover of my upcoming album of cat pop songs.



In truth, my cats play all the instruments and the vocals are just auto-tuned and rearranged conversations I surreptitiously record from strangers at Starbucks; HOWEVER, you can expect the album to be the best thing released in 2016.

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