Why Would You Do That? is a podcast created by Tricia and Jessica as a last ditch effort to take their lives into their own hands and inch cautiously towards self-improvement in a public forum where they can be judged for their failures.

Each week, they set goals for themselves that are objectively easy to accomplish and yet are irrationally difficult for them specifically to accomplish.

None of this would be possible without the aid of our intern and spiritual leader, Glormfloulk.

Jessica and Pinky

Jessica is a freelance cat trainer, lifestyle vlogger and vagina artist residing in Los Angeles. She received formal education in feminism from UCLA, and now lives with her parents after giving up a career in human resources to work on her album of pop songs rewritten to be about cats. Jessica can be found at all times on Twitter, where she provides valuable life guidance to the drunk and perverse alike. She aspires to be a teen heartthrob and the world’s strongest cat lady.


HOT NEWS: Jessica is now accepting appointment requests for personal feline consultations to help you get the results you’re looking for in your cat relations. See Jessica’s guest appearance on A Cat in The Window for more information on her approach to demoralizing your animals.


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Tricia and Beaker

Tricia lives in Texas, where she alternates between feeling too much and feeling nothing at all. Her current favorite literary genre is non-fiction books about music made in New York in the ’70s and her current favorite musical genre is pop punk made in the suburbs in the late ’90s/early ’00s, but anything angsty will do just fine.  Here is an abridged list of legal things she has done for money rated based on her enjoyment:


***** writing, hair modeling, keychain designing, eating weird food combinations culled from cafeteria leftovers

**** software testing

*** costume designer’s assistant

** clerical work, selling vintage clothing on the internet

* writing, party photography


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