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Apoopalypse Playlist

Was anyone else as excited as I was about the prospect of the world conveniently coming to an end? I don’t know anything about prophesies, and I never actually bothered researching this or any other apocalypse theory, but whenever I hear that the world might end I can’t help but get caught up in the spirit of end of times. I don’t actually change my routine in any way, but a part of me becomes giddy in anticipation of the validation of my meaningless existence that would come from a meaningless end to everything, simultaneously, in what I hope would be at least a colorful display.


While I am not as adept at playlist making as Tricia — who I recall recounting a story of successfully turning in mix-CDs for at least one high school assignment — I do have a Spotify Premium account and a job that allows me the freedom to listen to “grave wave” as much as I like.  Therefore, to celebrate the idea of the end of everything we know as reality, I decided to attempt to make a playlist to listen to while feeling screwed by yet another unfruitful destruction prophesy. You can listen to it here:


The Apoopalypse Playlist


Since Tricia showed off her rightfully abandoned ukelele, I will additionally include a SNEAK PEEK of the future cover of my upcoming album of cat pop songs.



In truth, my cats play all the instruments and the vocals are just auto-tuned and rearranged conversations I surreptitiously record from strangers at Starbucks; HOWEVER, you can expect the album to be the best thing released in 2016.

Episode Four

Episode Four: Craft a Craft, Add a Step to Your Skincare Regimen, Do Something Nice for Someone

In the fourth episode, we reveal to you that the thing that’s bad about getting murdered is not actually the fact that you got murdered, confirm what you already knew deep in your heart:  skincare routines (much like nutrition and public transit) are best left to guesswork, and prove (with the help of relatable real world examples like Netflix and more murder) the point that kindness is simply a matter of adjusting your level of cruelty.


I wasn’t sure what “relevant” photo to include, so here’s an Instagram of Jessica shoveling shit, which is about as relevant as anything gets.

P.S. I think my rap-rock timeline might be off by a few years, but I’m sure you’ll all forgive me for that because nothing in this world could matter less.